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Resources for Moed Katan 3
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Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman 1. The גמרא at the very end of דף ב discusses whether שמיטה בזמן הזה is דאורייתא or not. רבי’s שיטה seems to be that it is דרבנן and the חכמים who disagree hold it’s דאורייתא. What is unclear is that the דרשה that רבי brings sounds like it’s purpose is to […]
Resources for Moed Katan 2
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Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman The most fundamental question to discuss at the beginning of this מסכתא is whether the איסור מלאכה on חול המועד is a דין דאורייתא or a דין דרבנן. This is a large מחלוקת ראשונים. The first place to start is the גמרא in חגיגה דף י“חwhich lists several ברייתות all of which bring פּסוקים […]