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Resources for Beitzah daf 24
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מראה מקומות Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman The first רש“י in the פּרק discusses why צידה is not permitted on יו”ט when it is clearly a מלאכה that is לצורך אוכל נפש. רש”י suggest that any מלאכה that could have been done before יו”ט is not permitted on יו”ט.  תוספות on our דף disagrees and says that […]
Resources for Beitzah daf 23
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מראה מקומות Rabbi Yitzchok Gutterman 1.        The גמרא says that there is no prohibition of הבערה on cooking spices used as a fragrance. רש”י explains this is so because it is only a הבערה כלאחר יד. See תוספות ד“ה על גבי חרס who quotes the ריב”א who disagrees and says that it is a real הבערה, but nevertheless is still מותר since we are following רבי יוסי who holds that הבערה was ללאו יצאת (taken out […]