Purim will be upon us in a few days. The OU Daf Yomi Initiative presents a collection of shiurim in Maseches Megilah as well as Halacha shiurim which will certainly uplift and enhance your Purim experience.

The following Halacha videos by Rabbi Moshe Elefant are sponsored by kosher.com

We present the following shiurim by Rabbi Moshe Elefant from his Daf Sugya series

Chayev Inish Lvsumai 1

Before you drink this Purim, make sure you know the reasons for this unique Mitzva. Listen as Rabbi Elefant uncovers the source for drinking as well as what we’re looking to accomplish.

Chayev Inish Lvsumai 2

Chayiv Inish L’Vsumei – Do I REALLY have to drink? How much do I need to drink? Could I drink other alcoholic beverages? Are there exceptions? What does Ad D’Lo Yada mean? Rabbi Elefant covers these questions and more as he walks us through the practical Halacha with their sources in the Gemara and Rishonim.

Mishloach Manos

Mishloach Manos – Rabbi Elefant identifies the reasons why we give Mishloach Manos and the practical differences that may apply based on these reasons.

What are the earliest and latest times to read Megillah?

Do I need to Tovel a dish before giving it as MIshloach Manos?

What are the guidelines for Mishloach Manos?