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Oh, sure, I knew all about leadership. I knew that the trait theory was passé and would turn up ludicrous hypotheses; for instance, that through studying Napoleon and Caesar one can deduce that great… Read more


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Everyone has his or her own mission. You follow the dots that God has given you and you go with it. There are women who derive immense satisfaction from working full time, and there are women who… Read more


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My beloved high school Navi teacher, Rabbi Ebstein, z”l, a survivor who tried hard to make the messages of the ancient prophets relevant to our Beth Jacob Esther Schoenfeld high school senior class,… Read more

What Makes a Good Leader?

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By Aviva Weisbord 1. Take responsibility: We lead because there’s something that needs to be accomplished. 2. Offer a vision: People join when there is a clear purpose and end-goal. 3. Make a team: We… Read more

Gun Control in Halachah

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If you drive around different parts of the US long enough, you are likely to encounter two bumper stickers asserting two contradictory ideas. One states, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a… Read more

Should I Carry A Gun?

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With mass shootings and terror attacks in the news with frightening frequency, it is only natural for the average civilian to want to be able to defend himself. What are some of the halachic issues… Read more