How Free Will Works

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Isaac Bashevis Singer, the Nobel prize-winning Yiddish author, was once famously asked, “Do you believe in free will?” He wryly replied, “Of course! Do I have a choice?” Read more

Lincoln and the Jews: A History

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On Shabbat morning, July 4, 1863, in Mikveh Israel Congregation in Philadelphia, Sabato Morais, not knowing that the Union had been victorious in the Battle of Gettysburg and fearing for the safety of… Read more

Questions for Benjamin Shapell

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There are other remarkable facts that characterize Lincoln’s legacy: When General Ulysses S. Grant was expelling the Jews from his vast military district, comprising all or part of four different… Read more

Patterns in Genesis and Beyond

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Patterns in Genesis and Beyond By Rabbi David Sykes Patterns Publications 2014 589 pages Reviewed by Hayyim Angel The field of literary analysis of Tanach has been substantially refined over the past… Read more