Rabbi Steven Weil

NCSYers at Masbia Soup Kitchen

December 11, 2013

Over 40 Brooklyn NCSYers went to the Masbia Soup Kitchen to help feed and provide some encouragement to people in need. While they were there, a news crew from WPIX came in to do a story that, for whatever reason, they were not able to do. Upon seeing a large group of Jewish teens, they decided there was a different story there and proceeded to interview a number of the NCSYers about why they were giving up their Thanksgiving/Chanukah break to work in Masbia. The teens spoke eloquently and passionately about their Jewish values and what they learned in their schools and in NCSY. Kudos to Rabbi Moishe Zucker and Mrs. Nechama Kamelhar, NY NCSY‘s Brooklyn directors, for arranging this and countless other community service activities.