Yom Hazikaron Commemoration & Siyum

Thank you for your interest in the OU’s Yom Hazikaron Commemoration & Siyum.
Please watch the recording of the ceremony below

The OU’s B’Yachad LaNetzach project aims to commemorate every IDF chayal who has made the ultimate sacrifice in the aftermath of the October 7th attacks.

Please consider supporting this initiative further with a donation today. Your donation will help support the efforts behind this project as the OU works to ensure that each of the chayalim will be remembered individually by having their story told and by having Torah learned and Tefillos said in their memory in a shul or school in America.

Watch: “In Your Blood You Shall Live” Emunah and Remembrance – Memorial Day 2024 ‘Bnei David'”

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Dr. Tommy Azman
Mrs. Deborah S. Laufer
Yitzchok and Barbie Lehmann Siegel
In Honor of the speedy release of the hostages and the protection of our brave chayalim and chayalot
David and Chaya Tova Hartman
In Memory of Yosi Hershkovitz
Amian Kelemer
Jeremy Chernikoff
Susan Stubin
In Memory of דבורה בת אברהם ישראל
Faigi Fischman
Janna Menzer
Jack Bickel
Reva Singer
Jason Rosenblatt
In Memory of Zecharia Pesach Haber z”l
Susan Amin
Peter Gluck
In Honor of all Israeli soldiers who gave their lives for their people
Miriam Danzger
Leah Kohn
In honor of the recovery of Meshulam Martin
Caryn Pomerantz
In honor of my parents, Abraham and Atara Epstein
Eli Goldberg
Rachel Kenigsberg
Eve Locker
Lydia E. Mark