Mrs. Tzivi Zuckerman


Tzivi Zuckerman holds a BA in History, an MA in Jewish History, and taught World History, Jewish History and Tanach for almost 15 years at a variety of schools, including Stella K. Abraham High School for Girls, Michlalah Jerusalem College, Bais Yaakov of Baltimore and Columbus Torah Academy. Since moving to Columbus, Ohio, where her husband is the Assistant Rosh Kollel of the Columbus Community Kollel, Tzivi has taught a range of community classes on Taharas HaMishpacha, relationships, Jewish history and Jewish thought. She currently creates programming and educational opportunities for the city’s Jewish women. At the OU Women’s Initiative, Tzivi presented at the Haggadah Ideas and Inspiration Program, was a scholar in residence for Nach Yomi Nach Shabbat and will be teaching Melachim II for the current cycle of Nach Yomi Torat Imecha.