Addressing Community Issues Together

Addressing Community Issues Together

Monthly Online Sessions for Rebbetzins, Kallah Teachers, Kiruv and Chinuch Professionals

Upcoming Session: Tuesday evening, March 14,  8:00-9:15 PM EST


March 14 If You See Something, Say Something (The Long Short Road suicide prevention workshop that equips participants with the tools to help in time of crisis)
Mrs. Leigh Ioffe
Founder and Executive Director, The Long Short Road; Certified Suicide Prevention Specialist
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Mrs. Leigh Ioffe

Leigh Ioffe is the executive director and the lead developer of The Long Short Road, founded to ensure that communities receive the mental, physical, and emotional support they need.  She is the educator for the foundation’s unique mental health and suicide prevention workshops across the country, on Zoom and in-person. Leigh brings her idealism, passion, and extensive experience to the team while overseeing all operations. Leigh brings to LSR over six years of experience working with at-risk and suicidal youth. To date, Leigh has schooled 6,000 people internationally in suicide prevention. Additionally, Leigh is a published author and soon-to-be graduate student in social work.