Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Max and Yetty Monderer a"h ALIT program?
ALIT is a summer Beit Midrash women's learning program of the OU Women's Initiative. It has been dedicated in memory of Max and Yetty Monderer a"h by the Emanuel and Helen Adler Foundation.
Where will the ALIT program take place?
The ALIT program is virtual; it will take place "live" via Zoom.
What is unique about this program?
ALIT is an online learning program attracting women of all ages from across North America and Israel. The program is designed to offer 2 week courses, with a focus on interactive classes, connecting participants with the educators and with each other.
On what level will the courses be taught?
Courses will be taught on a high level. Hebrew sources will be translated.
Can I register for part of the program?
Yes. You may register for as many courses as you would like.
What is the cost for this program?
The cost is $18 for one course, $36 for two courses and $45 for 3 or more courses. Please note: Subsidies are available if the cost will be difficult to manage at this time. Please email for more information.
If I miss a class will I be able to access a recording?
Yes. Recordings will be available to those who have registered. Please note: For Abigail H. Meyer's classes - the recordings will only be available for one week from the day the live class has taken place.
How can I learn more about the presenters and the courses?
Click on the images on the home page. Presenter bios and longer course descriptions will "pop up."
Dedicated by The Emanuel and Helen Adler Foundation