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West Coast

The West Coast Region office was the first OU regional office outside of the New York area. It serves all the communities in the entire West Coast region, from Vancouver to San Diego and as east as Denver, CO. For over 30 years, the West Coast Region has played an invaluable role in raising the level of Orthodoxy and Torah Judaism throughout the Western United States and Canada.

Our Los Angeles based office is located in the heart of the largest Jewish community outside of the metropolitan New York area, and our building is the west coast home to NCSY’s headquarters, our administrative office, our community & synagogue services office, Yachad, Women’s Torah Network, OU-JLIC, as well as being a community resource for Torah study and other Judaic programming.

OU Impact Accelerator
OU Impact Accelerator logo
Through education and mentorship, the OU Impact Accelerator identifies and advances Jewish nonprofits that are addressing our communal challenges.
Israel Free Spirit
Israel Free Spirit logo
Israel Free Spirit, the OU’s Birthright Israel program, provides free trips to young adults 18-32 years old from various Jewish backgrounds.
OU Kosher
OU Kosher logo
OU Kosher combines expertise in halacha with an understanding of modern food production to ensure consumers have access to kosher food meeting the highest quality kashrut supervision, providing kosher certification for over 1 million products in more than 8,500...
Yachad logo
Yachad is a global organization dedicated to addressing the needs of Jewish individuals with disabilities, ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life.
NCSY logo
NCSY engages Jewish teens of all backgrounds through year-round social, educational, and leadership programs, preparing them to become the next generation of proud, committed Jews.
OU-JLIC logo
OU-JLIC (Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus) fosters an ongoing commitment to Torah study and lifestyle, providing a warm and welcoming home for Jewish students on campus.
Teach Coalition
Teach Coalition logo
Teach Coalition aims to secure government financial support for Jewish day schools and yeshivot. Teach Coalition lobbies for equitable government funding, tax credit scholarships, government grants, and education savings accounts to benefit Jewish families and schools.
Karasick Synagogue & Community Services
Karasick Synagogue & Community Services logo
The OU Pepa and Rabbi Joseph Karasick Department of Synagogue & Community Services provide religious, educational, social, and operational support to synagogues and communities across North America.
OU Women's Initiative
OU Women's Initiative logo
The OU Women’s Initiative works with Orthodox communities in the U.S. and Canada to identify and address women’s spiritual, educational, and communal needs.