Vaccination Support Project

The Orthodox Union is proud to partner with institutions around the United States to further our mutual goal of assisting local governments in the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in a safe and efficient manner to as many people as possible.

In the spirit of the most recent Orthodox Union/RCA Guidance Document which can be found here, and the recent Community Call from OU EVP, Rabbi Moshe Hauer, we invite our partners around the country to join in this effort.

The goal of this effort is not to collect firm commitments but rather to gauge the interest of our affiliated communities that we can then share with our national and state governmental partners who will be spearheading the vaccination effort.  Plans and decisions will be made on a purely local level, and so we encourage you to open a dialogue with local public health officials in addition to filling out the form below.

Many of you will have questions, and as this is a dynamically developing situation that varies greatly from region to region, we likely do not have answers. At this stage, your completion of the form will help send the message that the Orthodox Community stands behind the life-saving potential of the vaccine and hopes to be a resource in its deployment.

Please fill out the form below to share how your institution can be helpful and we will keep you updated as this initiative advances.  We ask that each institution only select one representative to fill out the form below.

OU Covid Vaccine Distribution Network

  • Rabbi, Board Member, Administrator etc..
    What kind of support can your institution offer?