Ari Wasserman

Rabbi Ari Wasserman is a maggid shiur, author, attorney, and businessman. A member of the bar in New York, California and Massachusetts, he received his undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania, and J.D. with honors from Harvard Law School. He began his legal career at Sullivan & Cromwell, and subsequently worked in mid-size and start-up companies in a variety of industries. He is the author of the five-volume Hegyonei HaParashah on halachic topics and contemporary issues related to the weekly parashah, the two-volume Otzar HaKippah, a one-of-a-kind encyclopedic work on every aspect of men’s head coverings, and Avodah KeHilchasah on the halachic challenges of being in the Israeli workplace. In English, he has authored Making it Work and Making it ALL Work (for women) about the challenges of being observant in the secular workplace, and Welcome to Our Table (two volumes) on the weekly parashah.

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