Eli Mansour

Rabbi Eli Mansour studied at Magen David Yeshivah and Shaare Torah High School in Brooklyn and at Mercaz HaTorah in Israel. Upon returning home he learned in Ateret Torah in Brooklyn, and the Bet Midrash Govoha in Lakewood. He then joined the Keter Sion Kollel to learn under the guidance of Rabbi Max Maslaton. He received smicha in 1998. Rabbi Mansour currently serves as rabbi to The Edmond J Safra Synagogue. He and his wife Sandra have 6 children. He is co-author of The Daily Halacha: A Compendium of Practical Halachot and Illuminating Insights from the Weekly Parasha.

Listen to Rabbi Mansour’s Daf Yomi shiur on dailygemara.com, and other shiurim on OU Torah, LearnTorah.com, and YUTorah.org.

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sunday, April 29, 2018

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