Henry Abramson

Dr. Henry Abramson is the dean of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush, and a re­nowned... Read More

Moshe Elefant

Rabbi Moshe Elefant is chief operating officer of OU Kosher and the maggid shiur of the Orthodox Union’s Daf... Read More

Eytan Feiner

Rabbi Eytan Feiner currently serves as the Rav of Congregation Kneseth Israel (“The White Shul”) in Far Rockaway, New... Read More

David Fohrman

Rabbi David Fohrman is the founder and CEO of Aleph Beta, a non-profit media company that produces high-quality Torah... Read More

Aaron Lopiansky

Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky is the Rosh HaYeshiva of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington Tiferes Gedaliah. Rabbi Lopiansky brings to... Read More

Yaakov Neuburger

Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger is a Rosh Yeshiva at the Yeshiva Program/Mazer School of Talmudic Studies at Yeshiva University, and... Read More

Chaya Batya (CB) Neugroschl

Mrs. Chaya Batya (CB) Neugroschl is the Head of School at Yeshiva University High School for Girls (“Central”). She... Read More

Sivan Rahav Meir

Mrs. Sivan Rahav Meir, the World Mizrachi Shlicha to North America, was born in Israel and is married to Yedidya... Read More

Yosef Zvi Rimon

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon is an internationally acclaimed posek, author, educator, and lecturer. Individuals and communities from around the... Read More

Shaul Robinson

Rabbi Shaul Robinson was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied at Yeshivat HaMivtar in Efrat, Israel, and holds a... Read More

Smadar Rosensweig

Professor Smadar Rosensweig is a world renowned Jewish educator and lecturer in Tanach. She lectures extensively throughout the United... Read More

Yonason Sacks

Rabbi Yonason Sacks, the Rosh Yeshiva of Beis Medrash L’Talmud, Lander College for Men, is a leading posek and... Read More

Hershel Schachter

Rabbi Hershel Schachter, a noted Talmudic scholar, has had a distinguished career with YU RIETS for nearly 50 years. He... Read More
Rabbi Dr.

Jacob J. Schacter

Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter is university professor of Jewish History and Jewish Thought and senior scholar at the... Read More

Zvi Sobolofsky

Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky is a Rosh Yeshiva at Yeshiva University’s Rabbi Issac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS). In addition to... Read More

Shani Taragin

Mrs. Shani Taragin began her B.A. studies at Stern College and completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Tanach... Read More

Ya'akov Trump

Rabbi Ya’akov Trump serves as the Rabbi of the vibrant community of Young Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst. It is... Read More

Zechariah Wallerstein

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, founder and director of Ohr Naava, has become an icon in the Jewish world with his... Read More

Steven Weil

Rabbi Steven Weil is the Senior Managing Director of the Orthodox Union. Rabbi Steven Weil, the son of German “Viehhaendler,”... Read More

Ora Wiskind

Dr. Ora Wiskind received her B.A. from Northwestern University in Comparative Literature, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Hebrew... Read More
Rabbi Dr.

Jeffrey Woolf

Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey R. Woolf is an internationally known scholar, lecturer, and public figure. He is an associate professor... Read More

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