• 09:00 am
    Gemara Me’ilah Daf 5 Rabbi Moshe Elefant
  • 10:00 am
    Parenting A Cheshbon Nefesh for Mothers (Women Only) Mrs. Dina Schoonmaker
  • Special Programming Children’s Program for ages 5-12
    Sponsored by
    • Sponsored in part by Yitzchok and Barbara Lehmann Siegel
    • Sponsored in part by the Rozenberg Family
  • Special Programming NCSY Program
    Sponsored by
    • Individual Torah Bowl Championships by NCSY sponsored in part by Dean Marian-Stoltz Loike and Lander Colleges of the Touro College and University System
  • Hashkafa The Question of a Judeo-Christian Ethic: Defining a Distinct Jewish Ethic Rabbi Steven Weil
    Sponsored by
    • Isabelle Novak in honor of David's 70th birthday, ad meah v'esrim
    • Dr. Stanley & Marla Frohlinger
  • Holidays The Missing Pages of the Machzor: A Textual Study Rabbi Yaakov Neuburger
    Sponsored by
    • Yitzchok & Barbara Lehmann Siegel
  • Gemara From Moshe to Ravina and Pasuk to Psak: Understanding the place of Tanach in the Talmud (All Daf) Rabbi Ya’akov Trump
    Sponsored by
    • Rachel and David Feldan
  • 10:25 am
    Gemara Separating the Flours: Learning Jewish History from Daf Yomi (All Daf) Dr. Henry Abramson
    Sponsored by
    • Rachel and David Feldan
  • 11:05 am
    Parenting Do I Tell My Kids My Mistakes Rabbi Joey Haber
    Sponsored by
    • In Memory of Cantor Jack Korbman z’l, The Korbman Family
  • Holidays Historical Teshuva Drashot and Their Contemporary Significance Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. Schacter
    Sponsored by
    • Marvin and Hadassah Bienenfeld
    • It is a Privilege to Live in a Community that is Graced by the Scholarship and Warmth of Rabbi Dr. Jacob J. and Yocheved Schacter - Emanuel and Helen Adler and Family
    • Moshe and Devora Smith
  • Holidays Zichronot: The Interplay Between Jewish Memory and Teshuva Mrs. Chaya Batya (CB) Neugroschl
    Sponsored by
    • Yitzchok & Barbara Lehmann Siegel
  • Halacha No Justice, No Peace: Halachic Implications of Judgments Issued by Secular Courts Rabbi Avraham Kahan
  • 12:10 pm
    Parenting Unconditional Love: What are the Limits of Responsibility Toward our Children? Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein
    Sponsored by
    • Shlome & Gitty Schwartz in memory of Zev ben Avraham Yaakov
  • Holidays Beginning, Again: Tishrei and the Endless Promise of Self Transformation Dr. Ora Wiskind
  • Holidays Teshuva in the Age of New Media Mrs. Sivan Rahav Meir
    Sponsored by
    • Yehuda and Chani Neuberger
  • Tanach From Royalty to Redemption: Dovid HaMelech, the Quintessential King Rabbi Eytan Feiner
  • 01:15 pm
    Holidays U’Netaneh Toqef: From Magentza to the Yom Kippur War Rabbi Dr. Jeffrey R. Woolf
    Sponsored by
    • Michael and Susanne Wimpfheimer
  • Holidays The Duality of the Shofar (Women Only) Mrs. Shira Smiles
    Sponsored by
    • Harry and Etta Brandman Klaristenfeld
  • Holidays Yom Teruah: The Revealed and Concealed Significance of the Shofar Rabbi Yonason Sacks
  • Hashkafa Ani Ma’amin: Emunah in 2019 Rabbi Judah Mischel
  • Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt”l First Public Showing of Rav’s Teshuva Drasha with Subtitles

    Introduction by Dr. Arnold Lustiger

  • 01:30 pm
    NextDor Networking Up Close and Personal Mr. Charlie Harary
  • 02:05 pm
  • 02:20 pm
    Halacha A Halachic Overview of Hilchot Rosh Hashanah Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky
  • Hashkafa What Will Shabbat Look Like in 10 Years? Smart Homes, Artificial Intelligence and Shabbat Observance Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon
    Sponsored by
    • Robyn and Shukie Grossman in loving memory of Rabbi Rafael and Shirley Grossman z”l
  • Holidays Elul and Shir Hashirim: Repentance & Romance – Forgiveness in Marriage Rabbanit Shani Taragin
  • Holidays Making Realistic Commitments. Hirhur Teshuva vs. Hilchot Teshuva Rabbi Shaul Robinson
  • Special Programming The Aussie Gourmet Cooking Demonstration and Shiur

    An interactive shiur and cooking demonstrationwith Naomi Nachman: How to prepare foods on Shabbos and Yom Tov.

  • Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik zt”l First Public Showing of Rav’s Teshuva Drasha with Subtitles

    Introduction by Dr. Arnold Lustiger

  • 03:10 pm
  • 03:30 pm
    Plenary Yom HaKahal: What Makes Us One Rabbi Aaron Lopiansky
    Sponsored by
    • Henry and Mindy Orlinsky
  • 04:45 pm
    Tanach Reflections for the 21st Century: Gender Roles in Tanach and Chazal Mrs. Smadar Rosensweig
  • Special Programming Semichat Chaver North American Presentation Rabbi Hershel Schachter
    Sponsored by
    • Sponsored in memory of Rabbi Irving and Mrs. Shirley Levy רב ישראל יצחק הלוי בן הרב בנימין ושרה פעסל בת אריה ליב by their children Dr. Michael and Liz Muschel
    • In Memory of our Beloved Parents and Grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Max and Yetty Monderer z'l, who were Privileged to Enjoy the Warm Friendship of Rav Schachter Shlita and Rebbitzen Schachter Shetichye - Helen and Emanuel Adler and Family
  • Tanach Why Would God Not Want Us to Eat From a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? Rabbi David Fohrman
  • Holidays Lulav: Four Species, Two Mitzvos? An Analytical Approach Rabbi Levi Langer
  • Holidays Inspiration for the Chazzan Rabbi Mordechai Willig & Mr. Charlie Harary

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