Tefillah Tips – Hameir Laaretz 9

Kulam Ahuvim, Kulam Berurim Kulam Gibborim Vechulam Osim Beaymah Uviyirah Ritzon Konnam – All of them are beloved, are pure and are mighty – and all of them perform the will of their Creator.

Notice the usage of the first letters in Ahuvim, Berurim, Gibborim –they are an acrostic signifying how completely the angels praise G-d utilizing every letter of the alphabet.

Rav Miller zt”l points out that if even the angels which are so pure and without frailties and have no desires to ever stray from the path of Hashem praise G-d with such energy and strength, how much more so should we human beings that are imperfect and easily tempted recognize and exclaim the praises of our G-d.

The description of the angels above can inspire us towards improvement as well. Kulam Ahuvim –All of them are beloved – all human beings are beloved as well. We are all children of Hashem, created in his image with the potential to strengthen and sanctify His world. Kulam Berurim – All of them are pure- deep down all human beings are pure as well. Everyone was once a baby i.e. cute, genuine and pure; we all still have that inside of us if we could just upload it into our lives. Kulam Gibborim – All are mighty – they are all mighty because they are not limited to the physical laws of earth. They have no character flaws that deter them. Although human beings most definitely do have character flaws and shortcomings, we have an antidote – The Torah.

The Talmud states in Kiddushin – Baraty Yetzer Harah Ubaraty Torah Tavlin – I have created the Yetzer Harah, and I have extended the Torah to you as the antidote. Rav Tzadok HaKohen explains that the Torah does not neutralize our wrong inclinations; rather it helps us channel our drives and emotions towards success.

May we learn from the angels above to perfect ourselves and our prayers to Hashem so that we will merit all of the divine blessings G-d intends to shower upon us.

Shabbat Shalom.
Rabbi Ephraim Epstein

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