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Awareness Amidst the Abyss
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AWARENESS AMIDST THE ABYSS: PARSHAT KORACH Shira Smiles shiur 2015/5775 Summary by Channie Koplowitz Stein             Parshat Korach recounts the rebellion of Korach, Dothan, Aviram and 250 men against the leadership of Moshe, and then reports the terrible punishment Hashem meted out to them – the earth would open its “mouth”, swallow them and all […]
Korach: Better They Learn from Me…
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Conflict resolution is one of the most important tasks in human relations at every level. Open up any newspaper, and you will read of schoolchildren bullying each other, of married couples who are in bitter conflict, of political parties enmeshed in verbal warfare, and of nations literally at war. What are some of the strategies […]
Hierarchy and Politics: The Never-Ending Story
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It was a classic struggle for power. The only thing that made it different from the usual dramas of royal courts, parliamentary meetings or corridors of power was that it took place in Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, Holland, and the key characters were male chimpanzees. Frans de Waal’s study, Chimpanzee Politics,1 has rightly become a classic. In […]