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Two Wrongs Making a Right
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And Yaakov called to his sons and he said: Gather yourselves and I will tell you that which will occur to you in the end of days. (Sefer Beresheit 49:1) All of these are the tribes of Israel. They are twelve.  This is that which their father told them.  And he blessed them.  Each, according […]
Vayechi: Bracha, Bechira, or Bechora?
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This shiur provided courtesy of The Tanach Study Center In memory of Rabbi Abraham Leibtag Blessings – we find so many of them in Sefer Breishit, particularly in Parshat Vayechi.  What are they all about? In our shiur, we will first distinguish between three different types of blessings that we have encountered thus far in […]