Vayishlach – Shlishi

He Ain't Heavy...

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Yaakov called the place where he had wrestled the angel Peniel (“face of G-d”), since it was there that he had metaphorically confronted G-d “face to face.” Yaakov limped away because of the injury the angel had inflicted; this is why Jews do not eat the sciatic nerve of animals to this very day.

And… then Yaakov saw Eisav approaching with his 400 men. He organized his family and steeled himself for any eventuality. Yaakov went out to meet his brother and he bowed down to him seven times. Surprisingly, Eisav greeted him with hugs and kisses and both men wept. Eisav saw the women and children standing off to the side and he inquired as to their identity, so Yaakov introduced Eisav to his sisters-in-law and his nephews.

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