Vayigash – Shlishi

It's Not Your Fault!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

“It was G-d Who sent me here, not you,” Yoseif said. “He has placed me in charge of all Egypt! So run back to Canaan and tell our father! Bring your families back and I’ll settle you all in the Goshen area, where you can tend your flocks and I’ll ensure that all your needs are met for the duration of the famine.”

Yoseif fell on his brother Binyamin’s shoulders and they both wept. Yoseif then kissed his other brothers and they all got caught up. Word got out around the palace that Yoseif’s brothers had arrived, so Pharaoh instructed Yoseif to have them run home and return with their wives and children. He promised to provide them with the best land and food available.

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