Vayigash – R’vi’i

Yeah, Give Him Special Clothes. Nothing Bad Ever Happened Because of THAT...

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Pharaoh told Yoseif to send wagons to his father in order to transport the women and children. They were told not to worry about packing all their things because they would enjoy all the best that Egypt had to offer. Yoseif gave them the wagons, plus provisions for the journey.

Yoseif gave each brother a change of clothes, although he gave Binyamin 300 silver coins and five changes of clothes. (Why did Yoseif favor Binyamin with five suits? After all, wasn’t Yoseif’s colorful coat a sore point among the brothers in his youth? The Talmud in Megilla 16b says that the extra garments Yoseif gave Binyamin foreshadowed the special clothes with which Mordechai, Binyamin’s descendant, would be adorned in Esther chapter 8.) Yoseif also sent donkeys laden with food for his family. He cautioned his brothers not to engage in recriminations on their way home, blaming one another for the chain of events that had sent him there.

The brothers reached Canaan and informed their father that Yoseif was (a) alive and (b) the ruler of Egypt. Yaakov could barely believe the news and…

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