Tetzaveh – R’vi’i

How a Sacrifice Feels

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Next, G-d instructed Moshe how to install Aharon and his sons as kohanim. First, he was to prepare a sacrifice of a bull and two rams, plus some loaves and matzos. Next, Aharon and his sons would immerse in a mikvah and Moshe would dress Aharon in his special uniform. Moshe would also anoint his brother, then he would dress Aharon’s sons. After this, the sacrifice would be offered. This aliyah describes the disposition of the bull and the first ram. (That’s disposition as in “how they were disposed,” not as in their moods. I can only imagine that the bull and the ram were not happy.*)

*Every year, one or two people write to tell me that they learned that animals were happy to be slaughtered. I refer readers to the famous story of R. Yehuda HaNasi and the calf being led to slaughter in Baba Metzia 85a.

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