Pinchas – Sheini

Korach’s Sons, Tzelofchad’s Daughters, and Asher’s Daughter, Too!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

This aliyah gives us the names of the families and the grand totals for all the Tribes. Here are some noteworthy observations:

Among the names of Reuben, it tells us that Dasan and Aviram died in the rebellion but the sons of Korach did not die (as we discussed in the third aliyah of parshas Korach).

Among the families of Menashe, we find that Tzelofchad didn’t have any sons, but he did have five daughters. That will become important soon enough. (Be patient – it’s in the next aliyah!)

In the family of Asher, his daughter Serach is again singled out. (See our comment in the fifth aliyah of parshas Vayigash, or Nach Yomi Companion vol. 2 on I Chronicles chapter 7) Serach was the one who eased Yaakov into the happy but potentially-shocking news that Yoseif was still alive.

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