Pekudei – Sh’vi’i

Close Parentheses

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

… and in this aliyah, he positions the copper altar used for sacrifices, the basin and the courtyard enclosure.)

When Moshe finished setting things up, G-d caused His Presence to manifest in a cloud, filling the Mishkan with His glory. Moshe couldn’t enter the Mishkan because it was so full of G-d’s glory. (We see this phenomenon duplicated at the dedication of the Temple in II Chronicles chapter 5.)

Later, when it was time for the Jews to break camp, the cloud would rise and lead them. When the cloud came to rest, they would set up camp again. The cloud would appear as fire by night so that it was always visible to the people, throughout their sojourn in the wilderness.

And that’s the end of the Book of Exodus.

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