Mikeitz – Shishi

"What Took You So Long?"

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

When Yoseif saw the brothers bring Binyamin before him, he instructed his attendants to prepare a banquet. The brothers were apprehensive when the guards escorted them to Yoseif’s home, where they would be dining. (Remember, their last encounter had not been so friendly!) They thought they were being arrested because of the money that had been in their sacks. They quickly explained the situation to the guard and offered him the money from their previous visit. He replied, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Your money was received and credited to your account! If you found money in your packs, that was surely a gift from your G-d!” Shimon was brought out of confinement to join them.

They reached Yoseif’s house, where they washed up and fed their animals. They prepared the gift their father had sent in anticipation of Yoseif’s arrival. When he got there, they gave him the gift and he inquired as to their father’s welfare. He then saw his younger brother and said, “So… this is Binyamin.”

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