Lech Lecha – Sheini

Simple Sister

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Avram’s traveling party came to Egypt, where, sure enough, Sarai’s beauty attracted attention. Word got around until it reached the Pharaoh, who ordered her brought to him. Avram was treated well for Sarai’s sake and Pharaoh had Avram showered with wealth.

But… Pharaoh had still abducted a married woman, so G-d struck his entire household with a plague because of Sarai. Pharaoh was pretty savvy and he realized what was going on. He knew that Sarai must be married to warrant such an affliction, so he sent for Avram. Pharaoh yelled at Avram for deceiving him by saying she was his sister and he sent them away. (Mind you, this isn’t to say that Avram was wrong; he was right about Sarai being abducted, so he was probably right that they would had killed him if not for his subterfuge.)

Avram headed north, to the Negev, then back to his previous place, between Beth-El and Ai.

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