Lech Lecha – Rishon

Get Outta Town!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d told Avram to leave his hometown and his father’s house in Ur Kasdim; G-d would show him the place where He would make Avram into a great nation. G-d would bless Avram and those who bless him; conversely, He would curse those who curse Avram. The whole world would be blessed through Avram.

So Avram left, accompanied by his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, and the converts to monotheism they had made. At that time, Avram was a youthful 75 years old. G-d led Avram to the land of Canaan, where He appeared and told Avram that his descendants would inherit that land. Avram built an altar to offer sacrifices of thanks to G-d. From there, Avram traveled near Beth-El and offered more sacrifices. He continued his travels south.

Because of a famine in Canaan, Avram headed for Egypt. He told Sarai that he realized she was a beautiful woman and he was worried that the Egyptians would kill him in order to take her for themselves. He asked that she identify herself as his sister rather than his wife. Apparently, if they did abduct her, it would not necessitate killing a brother as it would a husband.

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