Korach – Sheini

Moshe Isn’t Even Reimbursed For His Expenses

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Continuing the rant of Dasan and Aviram, they accused Moshe of deceit and refused to come. (Their words “lo naaleh” literally translate as “we will not ascend” – words that turned out to be truer than they could have imagined!)

Moshe was angered by these false accusations and he prayed to G-d not to favor the offerings of the rebels. G-d was well aware that Moshe was not guilty of nepotism or self-enrichment – he hadn’t taken so much as a donkey from the people!

The next morning, Aharon, Korach and the members of Korach’s rebellion all appeared at the Mishkan to offer their incense. G-d then caused His Presence to manifest.

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