Ki Teitzei – Shishi


By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

* A newlywed is exempt from military service for one year. (Even today, a husband and wife should not spend a night apart during the first year of marriage.)

* A person’s millstone may not be held as collateral for a debt, since doing so deprives the person of his livelihood.

* Human trafficking is a capital offense.

* Be careful with the laws of tzaraas (see parshas Tazria, Leviticus chapter 13). Remember how God afflicted Miriam with tzaraas when she spoke against Moshe (parshas Beha’aloscha, Numbers chapter 12).

* When you lend someone money, you may not go into his house to seize collateral. Wait outside and let him bring it to you. If the borrower is poor, don’t keep his security overnight. Return it to him at nightfall; he’ll bless you and God will place a check mark in the “good” column next to your name.

The obligation to recall how God punished Miriam is one of the “Sheish Zechiros” (Six Remembrances) that we should review each day. The Torah commands us to remember: (1) the exodus from Egypt (Deut. 16:3); (2) receiving the Torah at Sinai (Deut. 4:9-10); (3) Amalek’s treacherous attack (Deut. 25:17-19); (4) the making of the golden calf (Deut. 9:7); (5) Miriam’s punishment (Deut. 24:9); (6) Shabbos (Exodus 20:8). And now you have!

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