Ki Teitzei – Sheini

Bullet Points

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

The rest of the parsha is a series of assorted laws, some repeats and others recorded here for the first time, in relatively short bursts.

* The body of a man who is executed for a capital crime is very briefly displayed as a deterrent. It is hung up shortly before sunset, then taken down and buried. (Even a convicted felon deserves a speedy and respectful burial.)

* We must return lost objects to their owners, or safeguard them until their owners can be identified. We cannot ignore them.

* If someone’s animal is fallen under the weight of its load, we must help him pick it up.

* Transvestism – either a man wearing women’s clothing or the opposite – is forbidden.

* If you want to take the eggs or young birds from a nest, you must first shoo the mother bird away. This is an incredibly simple thing to do, but the Torah promises rich spiritual rewards for its fulfillment.

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