Chayei Sarah – R’vi’i

...Find Me a Find...

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Eliezer immediately thanked G-d for His kindness to Avraham. Even before Eliezer had reached his destination, G-d had caused him to rendezvous with Avraham’s family!

Rivka ran to tell her mother what had happened. Her brother, Lavan (Laban) came out to investigate things and, when he saw the jewelry, he warmly welcomed Eliezer. Eliezer was ushered into the house and food was placed before him, but he refused to eat until he had related his tale.

At this point, Eliezer recounts everything we just read, about Avraham making him vow not to take a Canaanite wife for Yitzchak, about the sign he had asked from G-d, and about how Rivka fulfilled that sign. It’s actually quite unusual the way the Torah repeats all the details in Eliezer’s narrative, rather than just saying, “Eliezer told them all that had occurred” or something similar. Rashi on verse 42 cites the Midrash that even the conversation of the servants of the Forefathers is beloved to G-d and that great Torah principles can be derived from it.

Rivka’s brother Lavan and her father Besuel agreed that the series of events was clearly orchestrated by G-d and they said that they would not stand in her way.

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