Bo – Sheini

Hungry Bugs and Thick Night

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Clearly, Pharaoh’s offer was unacceptable because the locust swarm arrived as planned. The east wind blew in an unprecedented swarm that covered the land and ate every last leaf.

Pharaoh sent for Moshe and Aharon, offering hasty apologies to them and to G-d. He begged them to remove the plague. Moshe left and prayed to G-d, Who sent the wind to carry the locusts out to sea. No locusts remained in Egypt but, as soon as he was safe, Pharaoh again went back on his word.

G-d had Moshe reach to the sky in order to call down darkness. This darkness would be impenetrable, possibly solid. The darkness lasted for three days. The Egyptians couldn’t see at all and they had to remain where they were the whole time, but the Jews had light.

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