Bo – Rishon

Come On, Moshe!

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

G-d told Moshe to accompany Him to see Pharaoh. When Moshe and Aharon arrived, they asked Pharaoh how long he intended to pursue his self-destructive path of stubbornness. The next plague, they told him, would be locusts. There was already a food shortage because of the hail; if Pharaoh persisted, a locust swarm would come and eat what survived.

After Moshe and Aharon departed, Pharaoh’s advisors asked if he could perhaps be a little more flexible since, you know, the country was being destroyed. Pharaoh had Moshe and Aharon brought back.

“If I let you go,” he asked, “who exactly will be taking this trip?”

“Why, everyone, of course!” replied Moshe. “Men, women, children – even our flocks. It will be a celebration for our entire people!”

“Yeah, right. Like I’m going to allow that. The men can go if you want. That’s my final offer.”

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