Balak – Chamishi

Would You Mind NOT Blessing Them?

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz

Balak took Balaam to another spot, hoping for better results. They built the altars and offered the sacrifices. Balaam had another vision, which he related to Balak.

“Arise, Balak, and hear my testimony. G-d is not a person that He lies or changes His mind. If He says something, it happens. Since G-d has blessed the Jews, there’s nothing I can do about it. G-d sees no fault in the Jews; He is on their side. Since He took them out of Egypt, they are a sign of His might. Sorcery has no power over Israel. The only thing that matters is G-d’s disposition towards them. They’re like a mighty lion when it comes to their enemies.”

Balak was REALLY not happy with that. “Okay, could you PLEASE stop blessing them? Thanks.”

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