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Yisro – Haschalos Kashos and Neged Ha’Har
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ביום הזה  יט:א     שיהיו דברי תורה חדשים עליך כאילו היום ניתנו     רש”י The day that Klal Yisrael arrived in Midbar Sinai was Rosh Chodesh, as Rashi explains on the spot.  Matan Torah was not until the sixth of Sivan.  So why are we being taught about “this day” – that Torah should have […]
Parshat Yitro 5776
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What’s Yitro doing between the Splitting of the Sea and the Sinai Experience? To whom was the Ten Commandments and the Torah given? (What’s the common factor of the Beverly Hillbillies and NCIS?)   TTA for Parshat Yitro
To Thank Before We Think
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The Ten Commandments are the most famous religious-and-moral code in history. Until recently they adorned American courtrooms. They still adorn most synagogue arks. Rembrandt gave them their classic artistic expression in his portrait of Moses, about to break the tablets on seeing the golden calf. John Rogers Herbert’s massive painting of Moses bringing down the […]