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Parshat Yitro – Owning Your Obstacles
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Yitro has a parsha named after him, but how much do we actually know about his backstory? Rabbi Moshe Dovid Weissman, a former president of Long Island NCSY, now Rosh Kollel of Kollel Zichron Tova Sara in Beitar Illit, Israel, fills us in on some of those missing pieces, as well as some important lessons […]
The Structure of the Good Society
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In the House of Lords there is a special chamber used, among other things, as the place where new peers are robed before their introduction into the House. When my predecessor Lord Jakobovits was introduced, the official robing him commented that he was the first rabbi to be honoured in the Upper House. Lord Jakobovits […]
Who Can Legislate Morality?
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If there is no God, everything is permitted. -Fyodor Dostoevsky No one understands better than the Jew that God is the foundation not only for behavior – how we are to act in the world – but also for morality – how we are to be in the world. And, while the two, action and […]