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Contents: Yesod Ha’Emunah is Maamad Har Sinai How was it Possible for Korach Va’adaso to Become Kofrim What Led the Nesiim to Join Korach The Root of the Aveirah of Korach Va’adaso Why Didn’t Moshe Daven for Korach Va’adaso 1 – Yesod Ha’Emunah is Maamad Har Sinai The Rambam says in the eighth perek of […]
A Lesson in Conflict Resolution
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The Korach rebellion was the single most dangerous challenge to Moses’ leadership during the forty years that he led the people through the wilderness. The precise outline of events is difficult to follow, probably because the events themselves were tumultuous and disorderly. The narrative makes it clear, however, that the rebels came from different groups, […]