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Aliya-by-Aliya Parshat Emor 5759
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Numbers in [brackets] are the mitzva-count according to the Sefer HaChinuch. Other counts vary. Kohen First Aliya -15 p’sukim (21:1-15) This Aliya is particularly appropriate for a kohen; not all first Aliyot are. Following Parshat K’doshim, which focuses on the challenge to the individual Jew and the whole Jewish community to rise to higher levels […]
Faith as a Journey
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In its account of the festivals of the Jewish year, this week’s parshah contains the following statement: You shall dwell in thatched huts for seven days. Everyone included in Israel must live in such thatched huts. This is so that future generations will know that I caused the Israelites to live in sukkot when I […]