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Parshat Emor 5777
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The blemishes of a kohen vs. the blemishes of a korban and a broken heart. The mitzvah of Kiddush Hashem. Why are Leket, shichika, & peah mentioned among the holidays?
Parshat Emor: The Duality of Jewish Time
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Alongside the holiness of place and person is the holiness of time, something parshat Emor charts in its deceptively simple list of festivals and holy days (Lev. 23:1-44). Time plays an enormous part in Judaism. The first thing God declared holy was a day: Shabbat, at the conclusion of creation. The first mitzvah given to […]
A Life of Sanctification
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The conditions under which we live are many and varied. Some of us live in very comfortable, even idyllic, surroundings. Others struggle with diverse hardships, including poverty, disease, and the conditions of war. Our people have known unspeakably extreme conditions, such as those experienced during the Holocaust. Throughout history, we have learned to obey God’s […]