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In the Diary
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Time management is more than management and larger than time. It is about life itself. God gives us one thing above all: life itself. And He gives it to us all on equal terms. However rich we are, there are still only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and a span […]
The Torah’s System of Self Perfection
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“A cow or a sheep, it and its child, do not slaughter on one day.” Vayikrah 22:28 In one of the many mitzvahs that teaches us how to deal with animals, the Torah commands us not to kill a mother and its offspring on one day. The Sefer HaChinuch explains that one of the rationales […]
Emor 5778
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Rav Soloveitchik (quoted in Nefesh HaRav) broadens the application of the mitzvah of “וקדשתו” – it includes the obligation to be mindful of the different pedigrees within the Jewish people. Rav Nissan Alpert asks how our sukkah can possibly resemble the Clouds of Glory they commemorate. Delivered at the OU Israel Center, 11 Iyyar 5778 […]