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The Face of Evil
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After 9/11, when the horror and trauma had subsided, Americans found themselves asking what had happened and why. Was it a disaster? A tragedy? A crime? An act of war? It did not seem to fit the pre-existing paradigms. And why had it happened? The question most often asked about Al Qaeda was, “Why do […]
Life as a Symphony: Shirah and Becoming an Adult
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We are each but a quarter note in a grand symphony. – Guy Laliberte The conductor takes his place upon the podium. He raises his baton. A hush falls over the hall and there is a moment of exquisite silence, during which it seems as if the world itself holds its breath in anticipation. Then, […]
Winds of Salvation
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The moment they had dreamed of for hundreds of years had finally arrived: The Children of Israel were no longer slaves. They had been released from their bondage through a series of miracles, and were now taking their first steps as free people. Suddenly, they were faced with a threat for which they were ill-prepared: […]