The Tragic Saga of the Bnei Efraim who Left Mitzrayim Early….and Whose Blood Will Usher In Moshiach

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Parshat Bo records that we were in Mitzrayim for 430 years. Avraham was told his children would be strangers for 400 years. Neither of these is the actual amount. The 430 is from the time of the Bris Bein HaBetarim and the 400 is from Yitzchak’s birth. Why do we need both numbers?

The Gemara says that one shouldn’t show favoritism since as a result of favoritism Yosef was sold to Egypt and we were ultimately enslaved there. Wasn’t the exile predetermined?

Why should the years be counted beginning from the Brit Bein HaBetarim?

The Midrash says that 300,000 Bnei Ephraim were killed in the land of the Philistines when they tried to leave Mitzrayim 30 years early. Why did they leave early?

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