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Sukkot: The Pursuit of Happiness
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Sukkot is an opportunity for seven days straight of happiness. When else do you get such an opportunity? Rabbi David Markowitz, the COO of Aish HaTorah New York, shares the insight from Rabbi Noach Weinberg that if you can focus on what you have AND if you don’t take any pain in what you don’t, […]
Sukkot: The Dual Festival
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The sedra of Emor outlines the festivals that give rhythm and structure to the Jewish year. Examining them carefully, however, we see that Sukkot is unusual, unique. One detail which had a significant influence on Jewish liturgy appears later on in the book of Deuteronomy: “Be joyful at your Feast . . . For seven days […]
Sukkot – A Universal Holiday?
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The Talmud relates that in the future, when the nations of the world will complain about the preferential status enjoyed by the Jews, God will explain that the Jews are the “Chosen People,” because they alone are the “choosing people,” so to speak; they alone accepted the burden of the commandments, and chose to follow […]