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1 – Morah Shabbos   ביום השביעי יהיה לכם קדש שבת שבתון לה’ לה:ב The Sefer Yereim has a unique opinion that one of the taryag mitzvos is morah Shabbos.  He obviously had that as his girsah in the Gemara when it makes a hekesh between Shabbos and the Mikdash, based on the pasuk in parshas […]
The Sin Offering
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Vayikra is about sacrifices, and though these laws have been inoperative for almost 2000 years since the destruction of the Temple, the moral principles they embody are still challenging. One set of sacrifices, set out in detail in this week’s sedra, warrants particular attention: chattat, the ‘sin offering’. Four different cases are considered: the anointed […]
Encampments & Journeys
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Right at the end of the book of Shemot, there is a textual difficulty so slight that it is easy to miss, yet – as interpreted by Rashi – it contains one of the great clues as to the nature of Jewish identity: it is a moving testimony to the unique challenge of being a […]