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The Beauty of Yosef
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Parashat Vayigash begins as Yosef and Yehudah approach a showdown: Soon Yosef will reveal himself and send for his father. Throughout the generations, scholars have been perturbed by Yosef’s seeming callousness: Why did it take Yosef so long to orchestrate this reunion? One could argue that the primary victim of this delay was Yaakov, who […]
Locking in the Moment (Encerrando el Momento)
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“And Yosef hitched up his wagon and went up to greet his father, Yisroel, towards Goshen, and he appeared before him, and he fell on his neck and he wept, and he fell on his neck more.” — Bereishis 46:29 A most joyous reunion Yosef was the most beloved of Yaakov’s sons. All of the […]