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Using Visualizations – Usando Visualizaciones
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“Moshe Rabbeinu told the Jewish people, “Today HASHEM has commanded you to fulfill all of the statues and laws. . .” — Devarim 26:16 Rashi is troubled by Moshe’s use of the word today, implying that HASHEM first commanded the Jews to do the mitzvahs that day when in reality, HASHEM gave the Jewish people […]
The Limits of Love
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In a parsha laden with laws, one in particular is full of fascination. Here it is: If a man has two wives, one loved, the other unloved [senuah, literally “hated”], and both the loved and the unloved bear him sons but the firstborn is the son of the unloved wife, then when he wills his property […]
Ki Teitzei: The Rich Fruits of Forgiveness
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The spirit of forgiveness is in the air. Since the beginning of this month, the month of Elul, Sephardic communities have been reciting selichot, prayers petitioning the Almighty for his forgiveness. They have been doing so each and every day, rising before dawn in order to get to the synagogue on time. Ashkenazic communities, following […]