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The Conversion of Yitro
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And Yitro – a leader in Midyan (and) the father-in-law of Moshe – heard all that G-d had done for Moshe and His nation Yisrael. That Hashem had taken forth Yisrael from Egypt (Sefer Shemot 18:1) 1. Yitro and Moshe’s reunion Parshat Yitro begins with a description of Yitro’s reunion with his son-in-law Moshe. During […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Yitro
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She was the daughter of Holocaust survivors, but she was not Jewish. Her parents were Polish citizens who, heroically, and at the risk of their own lives, rescued Jews from certain death. Her parents are no longer alive, but their memories are enshrined in Yad VaShem, the Holocaust memorial museum in Israel, in the pavilion reserved for righteous Gentiles.
To be a Leader of the Jewish People
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“That day, G-d saved Israel from the hands of the Egyptians . . . The Israelites saw the great power G-d had displayed against the Egyptians, and the people were in awe of G-d. They believed in G-d and in his servant Moses. Moses and the Israelites then sang this song, saying . . .” […]