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Haftarah for Va’etchanan
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This chapter is the famous “Nachamu,” read as the haftarah the Shabbos following Tisha b’Av. Often translated as “be comforted, My people,” Rashi informs us that such is not really the case. Grammatically, G-d is speaking to the prophets and telling them, “comfort My people.” This is a prophecy for Messianic times, or for the […]
Covenant and Conversation – Priorities
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Matot-Masei – 10th July 2010 – 28th Tammuz 5770 The Israelites are almost within sight of the promised land. They have waged a victorious campaign against the Midianites. We feel the tempo quicken. No longer are the Israelites in the desert. They are moving inexorably toward the Jordan, to the west of which lies their […]