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Parshat Noach: Three stages in humanity’s demise
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The Relationship Between Moral Degeneracy and Idolatry And Hashem said to Noach: The end of all flesh has arrived before Me for on their account the world is consumed with violence. I will destroy them with the land. (Sefer Beresheit 6:13) Parshat Noach deals with the Deluge and its aftermath. The description of the events […]
Haftarah for Bereishis
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This is the word of G-d, Who created Heaven and Earth and Who gave life to humanity. He called Isaiah and will strengthen him in his mission; G-d made him a light to the nations. (In this case, Rashi says the “nations” means the Tribes of Israel.) People have become spiritually “blind,” like prisoners sitting […]
Haftarah for V’zos HaBracha
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This chapter continues the narrative immediately after the conclusion of the Torah in parshas V’zos HaBracha. Accordingly, it is read as the Haftarah on Simchas Torah. Yehoshua (Joshua) is named the successor of Moshe (Moses) by Hashem. He is commanded to lead the Jewish people across the Jordan River to the Land which G-d has […]