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Rabbi Weinreb’s Parsha Column, Yom Kippur
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Imagine a very important project in which you were once involved. It could have been at work, in school, or in your personal life. You gave it your all. You used all the resources at your command, involving many other people, spending quite a bit of money, and investing a lot of your own time and energy. You were confident that you had done everything possible to guarantee the success of this project.
V’zot Habracha – Rishon
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Before he died, Moshe blessed the Tribes. God appeared to the nation at Sinai, he said, and gave them the Torah of fire. He loves the Tribes and they are in His metaphorical hand, following in His ways and keeping His word. Moshe delivered the Torah to Israel; it is their heritage. God will be […]
V’zot Habracha – Sheini
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Moshe told the Tribe of Levi that the Urim and Tumim are under the stewardship of the Kohein Gadol, who is from their Tribe. They stood up for God by refusing to worship the golden calf. They are the spiritual leaders of the nation, responsible for teaching the people Torah. May God bless their work […]