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The Angel’s Blessing
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Yakov is returning home after many years of self imposed exile. During the journey he is confronted with a mysterious figure. They struggle and Yakov is wounded with an injury that he will carry for life. He overcomes his opponent, who is revealed to be an angel, and then demands from him to bless him. […]
The Jewish Journey
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Why is Jacob the father of our people, the hero of our faith? We are “the congregation of Jacob”, “the children of Israel.” Yet it was Abraham who began the Jewish journey, Isaac who was willing to be sacrificed, Joseph who saved his family in the years of famine, Moses who led the people out […]
Rabbi Weinreb’s Torah Column, Parshat Vayishlach
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I was beginning to learn a necessary lesson, one which I would advise all teachers to learn. It was finally dawning upon me that the most effective thing I could do with this little class of three was simply to listen. Richard, Simon, and Leon had much to say and they were almost always "right on." Had I come into the class each session with a prepared lecture, I would only have bored them and, worse, turned them off. By allowing them to present their own ideas, they were beginning to take charge of their learning, and, more impressive, of their Jewish religious growth.