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Menashe and Ephraim: Tying up Loose Ends
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Context: Upon hearing that Yaakov has fallen ill, Yosef gathers his sons, Menashe and Ephraim, and rushes to his father’s bedside. During the ensuing conversation Yaakov takes two dramatic steps that carry powerful practical implications for the future. 1. Yaakov proclaims that Menashe and Ephraim will be considered on par with his own children in […]
Vayechi: A Real Blessing
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Yaakov is going to die. The exile is to begin. Before he departs, he delivers parting blessings – at least that is what the text says [49:28]. All these are tribes of Israel, twelve [of them]; and this is what their father spoke to them and he blessed them. He blessed them each with his […]