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Parshas Behaaloscha
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וביום שמחתכם ובמועדיכם ובראשי חדשיכם ותקעתם בחצצרות    י:י What is yom simchaschem? There are two opinions in the Sifri. The Tanna Kama says that yom simchaschem is Shabbos. Even though it is clear from Masechtos Shabbos and Beitzah that only on the Shloshah Regalim is there a mitzvah of simchah, but not on Shabbos, […]
Leadership Beyond Despair
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Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible, is remarkable for the extreme realism with which it portrays human character. Its heroes are not superhuman. Its non-heroes are not archetypal villains. The best have failings; the worst often have saving virtues. I know of no other religious literature quite like it. This makes it very difficult to use biblical […]