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Parshat Yitro 5776
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What’s Yitro doing between the Splitting of the Sea and the Sinai Experience? To whom was the Ten Commandments and the Torah given? (What’s the common factor of the Beverly Hillbillies and NCIS?)   TTA for Parshat Yitro
Parshat Bo 5776
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Pesach is over three months away, but it is right here with us in Parshat Bo. Does hardening Par’o’s heart take away his free will or give it back to him? Plan A and Plan B for the Jewish Calendar. Which is what G-d wants us to have? TTA for Parshat Bo
Parshat Vaeira 5776
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Three and a half months until Pesach, but the sedra this week (and next) give us pause to reflect even now. This week’s TTA is a Pesach show when people haven’t even started cleaning or thinking about it.