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Pleasures of the Plate & Parshat Shemini
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Many of the rules outlined in the Torah help us navigate the maze of life and pertain to pleasure, especially regarding food. These are the ones that are easiest to overdo! The rules in Parshat Shemini act as an instruction manual to help us live pleasurably but also prudently. Rabbi Phil Karesh, Educational Coordinator at […]
How is Jewish Time like a Circle?: Purim
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It was a truly fateful day when King Achashverosh couldn’t fall sleep… At the pinnacle of peril in Megillat Esther, the story of Purim, megillah readers briefly switch to the melody of Yom Kippur. Why is this? Rabbi Micah Greenland, International Director of NCSY, explains that by looking at Jewish history not as timeline, but […]
“If Not Now, When?” – Parsha Mishpatim
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A verse in parshat Mishpatim, echoes the spirit of the famous phrase from Hillel in Pirkei Avot. Scott Shulman, Program Director for Israel Free Spirit, the OU’s Birthright trip provider, examines the faith the Israelites demonstrated to do and obey Hashem’s Commandments.