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Parshat Devarim – A Place of Love
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No matter what, I still love you…. Devorah Jaye, Atlantic Seaboard, New England and Southern NCSY, and current MEOR Maryland Assistant DIrector, introduces us to Sefer Devarim, as well as how it relates to this time of year, NCSY, to teach us an important message about staying inspired even during the darkest times.
Parshat Chukat- Because I Said So
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If we don’t understand it, why do we do it? Simon Springer, from Seattle, New York and West Coast NCSY, goes through different opinions in Jewish thought to teach us about the nature of mitzvot and how to use to become better people.
Parshat Shlach – Advocating for Israel
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If you had to describe Israel to a bunch of people who had never seen it, what would you say? Miriam Schwartz, a former advisor for Long Island NCSY, shares the two approaches of the spies we see in this week’s parsha, and gives us all an important mission.